Let’s Talk Climate! Tell us your ideas for making waste and green space more sustainable

16 November 2021

Hot off the heels of the Brent Climate Festival, the council has launched Let’s Talk Climate: waste and green space to ask for residents’ ideas on how to make local neighbourhoods greener and more sustainable.

Let’s Talk Climate builds on conversations that started in 2019 when the council declared a climate and ecological emergency, and more recently at the Brent Climate Festival.

This will be the first of many Let’s Talk Climate conversations that aim to get more people involved in talking about our impact on the environment.

For now, it will focus on two key areas, waste and green space, so that your feedback can help shape the contracts for three important council services up for renewal next year. This could change how waste and recycling is managed, how we keep streets clean and how green spaces are maintained.

To get involved, all you have to do is tell us your ideas for how, as a borough, we can:

  • Buy less stuff and reduce, reuse and recycle more

  • Keep our streets clean

  • Make Brent even greener, to encourage people to spend more time outdoors

Your ideas will also be reflected in the second-year delivery plan for the Climate and Ecological Emergency Strategy, turning priorities into action, and a new ‘green map’ of the borough to highlight all the different areas of nature.

A Climate Deal will also be published, to hold us all accountable for what we have said we can do differently.

Cllr Krupa Sheth, Cabinet Member for Environment, said:

“Climate change affects every single one of us, and we need to act now to protect our planet. This means that the way we do things as a council and a community has to change.

“That’s why today we are launching Let’s Talk Climate: waste and green space. We want to have an honest conversation with residents to find out what they're prepared to change, and what they expect from us, as we work together towards a cleaner, greener Brent.”

Start sharing your ideas straight away through the online engagement portal.

If you have any questions or have any ideas for how we can get more people involved in the conversation, please get in touch.