Men jailed for selling counterfeit goods ordered to pay over £75,000

21 January 2015


Two men, who were each sentenced to three years imprisonment last July for selling counterfeit goods in the largest ever Trading Standards haul anywhere in the UK, were served confiscation orders this week totalling over £75,000.

Mr Nirmon Grover, 44, of Lady Margaret Road in Southall, and Ajit Arura, 36, of Commercial Road in Newport, operated Grover International Limited, a global import and export business from a storage unit in Alperton in the London Borough of Brent. Their counterfeit goods, with an estimated retail value of £17m, were seized last year by Brent Council. The haul included Nike footwear, Ugg boots, Louis Vuitton bags, designer fragrances, headphones and watches from Breitling and Rolex containing imitation packaging and holograms.

Both men are currently serving their prison sentences at Onley prison in Warwickshire.

Mr Nirmon Singh Grover was asked to pay back £63,585.45. He was given six months to pay or face 20 months in prison. Mr Ajit Singh Arura was asked to pay £13,233.37. He was given six months to pay or face 8 months in prison.

Since using the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 Brent Council has secured 52 confiscation orders which total £5,430,922.96.

Councillor George Crane, Lead Member for Environment at Brent Council said

"These two individuals are currently serving a prison term for selling counterfeit goods, and this order ensures that they will not benefit from money or assets gained through criminality. This case has stopped a large operation that undermined legitimate local businesses that we support."