Extra road safety measures introduced near the Lycée Churchill in Wembley Park

20 November 2015

The Lycée International de Londres Winston Churchill on the former Brent Town Hall site, a 1940s Grade II listed building, opened its doors to pupils in September this year and was inaugurated by the French President François Hollande.


After an initial intake of almost 500 students, the school will soon welcome up to 1,100 pupils over the coming years, teaching the French curriculum in a bilingual, international environment.


In addition to safety measures included in the development, we have begun work this week on the first of several extra road safety improvements near to new Lycée Churchill.


The first improvements to be made involve new yellow zig-zag road markings and school road signs in Kings Drive as well as a new school crossing patrol sponsored by the school. There will also be enhanced road markings to deter illegal turns and a new yellow box to help keep the pedestrian crossing clear and smooth traffic flow.


Cllr Eleanor Southwood commented: "We want to support every school in Brent in having as safe as possible an environment for their students. We're very pleased to welcome our latest new school to the area and to be able to work in such a productive partnership with the Lycée, who are contributing to these improvements."


Trustees from the Wembley Educational Charitable Trust, the charity that set up the school, commented, "We are delighted that the council have responded to our request so quickly and are already discussing with us their future plans for improvements near the school. We look forward to continuing to work with the council."


The council will be investing around £400,000 over the next couple of years in improving the nearby signal junction and the route from Wembley Park Station for pedestrians and cyclists as the school itself grows its pupil numbers to reach full capacity and to support development taking place in the area.