Slash Sugar campaign gains momentum

24 November 2015

A key public health campaign that was launched last month to tackle people's consumption of sugar has gained such momentum that one of its ideas is being rolled out in different parts of the country.

#sugarfreetuesday is a key part of Slash Sugar campaign - encouraging residents to avoid food and drink with added sugar for one day of the week. We have partnered up with two businesses who share the same building as us, Brent Civic Centre, to support #sugarfreetuesday.

Starbucks are offering a 50p discount every Tuesday until the end of the year for anything that is purchased that has no added sugar (e.g. fruit, water, coffees without sugar or syrups such as lattes, cappuccinos, Americanos, sandwiches, salads etc). Bilfinger Europa, who run The Melting Pot, the first floor restaurant open to the public, are also supporting the campaign by offering a free piece of fruit with any main meal purchased on Tuesdays.

Starbucks have been offering the 50p discount for three Tuesdays now and have seen a ten per cent increase in sales. This has prompted Starbucks regional office to notice and they are planning on rolling out #sugarfreetuesday in both the Luton branch and the Watford branch.

Two other parts of the campaign were launched on Monday 23 November - a short animation film and an interactive installation in the Brent Civic Centre foyer. Both aim to raise awareness about the amount of sugar in drinks.

The eye-catching interactive installation has a prominent position at the front of the Brent Civic Centre foyer. The installation informs people that drinking one can of fizzy drink a day for a year will result in an extra 12kgs of sugar consumption. People are encouraged to tweet a selfie of their shocked or 'OMG' face using the hashtag #slashsugar.

Councillor Krupesh Hirani, Cabinet Member for Adults, Health and Wellbeing at Brent Council, said:

"I'm delighted to see the Slash Sugar campaign gather such momentum so quickly. It's great that our corporate partners, who share the same building as us, have shown their support.

"The fact that one of our ideas, #sugarfreetuesday, will be rolled out in other Starbucks branches is testament to the success of the campaign.

"In a borough with the second highest prevalence of diabetes in the whole of London and where one in five of our residents are obese, this campaign is very much needed."