Three reasons not to feed the birds

26 November 2015

Rat pigeonResidents are being encouraged not to feed birds in local parks and public spaces, as the leftover food is attracting rats and the animal droppings are damaging the local environment.

Some of the borough's parks and green spaces are suffering from visitors leaving bread and other household food waste out for local birds, with Butler's Green a particular area of concern, according to the council.

People who do feed the birds risk an £80 fine.

Rob Anderton, Head of Public Realm, "Birds are wild animals and can find their own food. Feeding them makes them rely on humans and even become aggressive when they see people with food.
"Leaving out food also makes the area dirty as it decays and then attracts flies and rats. This, together with bird droppings from the overfed animals, creates health issues for other park users and local wildlife, as well as damaging public seating, buildings and even pavements."

Cllr Eleanor Southwood, Lead Member for the Environment, said "Our priority is for Brent to be a great place to live, and we are rightly proud of our wonderful parks and green spaces.

"However, the problems caused by a small minority of people feeding birds is causing a problem in some of our parks and open spaces. I urge everyone who cares about our open spaces to not leave food out for birds and help us to make Brent a cleaner and greener borough."