Kingsbury pub ordered to tighten security

25 January 2016

The North-London pub where police found Kinder Eggs filled with drugs hidden inside bins, bricks and in a man's underwear has been warned to tighten its security - or face further action from the council.


Brent Council's Alcohol and Entertainment Licensing Sub-Committee on Thursday ordered Jono's Bar, on Church Lane in Kingsbury, to improve security by alarming its doors, using doormen, carrying out regular toilet checks and by keeping a detailed log of incidents which can then be made available to police and the council.


The pub was also ordered to display proper signage of its no-drugs policy and staff, including the licence holder, Mr Kenneth McCormack, were told to undertake training to help ensure the prevention of crime and disorder on the premises.


The new security measures ordered are part of twelve additional conditions to the pub's licence which were requested by police.


All twelve conditions were approved by Brent Council's Alcohol and Entertainment Licensing Sub-Committee after details from the police of their raid on the premises and a number of reports of disorder were heard at the meeting.


Cllr James Denselow, Brent Council's Cabinet Member responsible for licencing, said:


"Using children's confectionery to conceal illegal, Class A substances is an extremely sinister and shocking thing to do, so I am of course delighted that the committee have taken action to help ensure that this kind of activity by individuals at Jono's Bar is stamped out for good.


"We are committed to making Brent a safer borough and we will not hesitate to take further action should these new licence conditions be breached or this criminal activity continue at the pub."