Take the strain out of voting in person - apply for a postal vote today

26 February 2016

We have launched a push to remind you just how easy it is to apply for a postal vote.


Previously the rules meant that voters could only apply for a postal vote at any individual election when they had a good reason - such as being away for work on election day, or having a medical reason approved by a doctor.


The election rules allow anyone to apply for a postal vote on an ongoing basis without having to give any explanation or justification. This means that anyone who simply prefers to vote by post instead of turning up to their local polling station on election day itself can now do so much more easily.


Registering to vote by post makes voting much easier for people who find it harder to get out and about, or who lead such busy lives that they might find it hard to visit a polling station on election day.


Carolyn Downs, Electoral Registration Officer for Brent, said


"It's easy to vote by post at elections instead of having to vote in person at your local polling station. Get your application back to us by 5pm on Tuesday 19 April and you can vote by post for the new Mayor of London and Greater London Assembly members on 5 May."


Apply today for a postal vote by visiting www.brent.gov.uk/votebypost


If you need help or have any questions you can contact us at electoral.services@brent.gov.uk or call 020 8937 1372