Blue Badges seized and vehicles impounded during illegal parking crackdown

1 March 2016

Two motorists caught misusing Blue Badges had their vehicles removed from the road and impounded during a crackdown against unauthorized parking in Harlesden.


Officers from our anti-fraud and parking teams accompanied by the police carried out the operation in Harlesden town centre on Friday (26 February 2016) as part of an ongoing campaign against drivers who fraudulently use Blue Badges in Brent.


The operation resulted in two of the vehicles being removed from the streets and impounded while four drivers in total had their Blue Badges seized.


All the motorists also received a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) for misusing the Badges. Four more Penalty Charge Notices were issued to motorists for other parking offences.


Councillor Eleanor Southwood, Brent Council's Cabinet Member for Environment, said:


"Every time a Blue Badge is used by someone who it does not belong to, that parking space is taken away from a disabled person who genuinely needs it to park. We know residents and motorists are fed up with the small minority who misuse the scheme, which is why we led this successful operation in Harlesden town centre.


"Officers are trained to spot fakes and alterations, and our Parking and Audit and Investigation Team will relentlessly pursue those suspected of misusing badges. Anyone who is thinking of misusing Blue Badges in our borough should think again."


Blue Badges are a part of a national scheme which provides parking concessions to people who have mobility difficulties to allow them to park closer to their home and destination.


We are planning further crackdowns on Blue Badge fraud this year.