Dropping the bass on noisy resident

29 April 2016

A Brent tenant with a history of playing loud music has been ordered to pay £950 for playing her music too loud. 


Ms Charlene Hall of Melrose Avenue in Mapesbury failed to attend Willesden Magistrates' Court on 19 April. The court heard evidence that Ms Hall's music was so loud that a neighbour was unable to reasonably enjoy living in their own home. Ms Hall refused to open the door to a council officer who had assessed the level of noise and later that evening, continued to play loud music. 


Following a second complaint, the officer made a further assessment of the noise and confirmed that Ms Hall's music was too loud and was still causing a nuisance to her neighbour. 


Cllr James Denselow, Brent Council's Cabinet Member for Stronger Communities, said: 


"In Brent, we're committed to ensuring that every resident feels safe, happy and relaxed in their homes. 


It's important that any resident who feels unable to do this because of excessive noise, reports it to us so that our officers can investigate." 


Brent Council's Nuisance Control Team, commented: 


"It is imperative that the outcome of the Court hearing is shared with Ms Hall's landlord, as evidence of noise nuisance is evidence that she has also ignored the terms of her tenancy."