Cricklewood residents love where they live

17 June 2016

Thanks to a group of local volunteers, Cricklewood has undergone a significant makeover recently with the introduction of new town signage and planting around Thameslink Railway Station.


The bold new work of art made by Cricklewood sculptor, Alistair Lambert has created a dramatic entrance to the town.


Station manager James Gillett said: "It's a real work of art, it's amazing. The sign is made from reclaimed scaffolding boards and the font is the same as the Cricklewood Town Team's logo to emphasise the town brand. It's a statement to say 'We're here, look at us!'


Artist, Alistair Lambert said: "With a little care and imagination these old recycled boards were reinvented, just like Cricklewood itself!"


As well as the new signage, 30 Cricklewood residents volunteered to clear up the station's overgrown bushes and planted a new bank of flowers as part of a wider plan to improve the area.


Cricklewood resident and lead member of the town volunteer team, Marie Hancock said: "The team are really pleased with the makeover and I would like to thank everyone who helped with the project. We love where we live and are proud of our town."


Councillor Muhammed Butt, Leader of the Council praised the volunteers and said: "These local residents are making their streets cleaner, greener and more attractive by coming together to organise the station's makeover, creating the new town signage from recycled scaffolding boards and planting new flowers beds.


"You too, can take an active role in making Brent a better, happier place to live. Simple steps such as reporting illegally dumped rubbish or graffiti, recycling waste or getting involved in community clean-up days go a long way to improving your local neighbourhoods."