Changes to on-street parking in Brent set to be discussed

17 June 2016

Proposed changes to the way on-street parking in Controlled Parking Zones is managed in Brent are set to be discussed by the Council's Cabinet later this month.


In April and May of this year, a major public consultation took place to seek the views of Brent residents on suggested reforms to on-street parking around the borough.


If approved, these changes will help manage the high demand for on-street parking, reduce traffic congestion and improve road safety, provide convenient and affordable parking for visitors and businesses, and enable more residents to park near their homes. 


Having taken on board feedback from well over 3,000 residents, the proposals put to the Council's Cabinet on June 27 will include recommendations to freeze Pay & Display charges borough-wide, safeguard the popular Visitor Household permit, and introduce a new daily permit for local businesses - allowing them to park anywhere in Brent whilst making deliveries or carrying out building work.


Plans to support school parking will also be proposed, aiming to assist local schools to recruit and retain key staff. 


In order to give owners of diesel vehicles enough time to respond to recent revelations about increased pollution risk, the Cabinet will be asked to delay introduction of a pollution surcharge for diesel car permits until October 2018.


Other changes include plans to simplify the resident parking permit scheme to provide a clearer incentive to switch to lower-emission vehicles, and to increase visitor charges for stays of longer than 2 hours, in order to contain the very high demand for parking spaces across the borough.


Councillor Eleanor Southwood, Cabinet Member for Environment, said:


"Parking is always a hot issue, not only in Brent but in London as a whole. We only have 33,000 car parking spaces for the 56,000 homes in our Controlled Parking Zones, which creates huge pressure. 


"I'm extremely grateful to everyone who has taken the time to respond to the consultation and believe that these proposals provide a real opportunity to start to address the problem. By working closely with residents, businesses and schools, I know we can find ways to encourage more sustainable transport wherever possible, keep traffic moving and take steps to improve air quality and reduce our carbon footprint across the borough.


"We're committed to making Brent a borough that is accessible for everyone and this means ensuring that residents and their visitors can find a parking space when they need one."