Bugbusters...who you gonna call?

23 June 2016

The words 'pest control' are enough to strike fear into the hearts of homeowners and business owners everywhere, and the prospect of facing rats, cockroaches and bugs on a daily basis would leave many of us running for the hills. But for Brent Pest Control, it's all part of the service.


"No two days are the same," said Craig Johnstone, Pest Control Manager at Brent Pest Control.


"You never know what you're going to find. One day you might be crawling through an attic hunting mice, and another day you might be on the roof treating a violent wasp nest."


"Solving each unique problem has a significant impact on the resident's quality of life and it's important that we look for the source and reason for the infestation, as well as ensuring we remove those pests from the customer's premises."


Elizabeth Millen, from Willesden, knows more than anyone the stress caused by having unwelcomed visitors in the house.


"I've recently had a problem with rats in my home. I contacted a private company last summer that dealt with the initial invasion but didn't solve the long term problem."


Unfortunately, Elizabeth is not the only homeowner to have experienced this frustration. All too often, homeowners are left concerned and disappointed to find that the private pest control service they employed simply plugged the gap, but didn't solve the problem.


"I contacted the Brent Pest Control service in January this year," Elizabeth said. "The team have been absolutely fantastic. They went straight to the source of the infestation and regularly checked until they were fully satisfied the problem was solved.


"Each officer that came was helpful and full of excellent advice. I really cannot sing their praises highly enough."


Brent Pest Control provides a wide range of services at very competitive prices (from just £56!) for residents and businesses throughout the borough. The service also provides advice and support for anyone concerned that they might have a pest problem.