Could you star in our new campaign?

28 July 2016

Could you be the star of a promotional video for the council's new physical activity campaign called 'My heart beats for Brent'?




The campaign aims to make all residents aware of the facilities, open spaces, clubs, and/or classes available in the borough so that we can all be active for a least 30 minutes a day.


What we're looking for


We are looking for residents of all ages who already take part in an activity within Brent. This could be a class such as box fit, yoga, swimming or maybe you're part of a running, football or tennis club, or maybe you go for regular walks in one of Brent's parks or open spaces.


Maybe it's your husband, wife, grandparent or child who is the active one in the family. If so, please ask them to get in touch.


What's required?

  • Able to spare a few hours to be filmed (times and dates TBC)

  • Talk about the activity you love

  • Agree to have your picture taken and used for promotional materials which will be printed and used online


What's in it for you? (Apart from the opportunity to be a local celeb)

  • You will get a copy of the finished short video and high resolution images

  • It could be extra promotion for your class or club


Spaces are limited so participants will be chosen on a first come first served basis.


If interested please contact with your name, age and chosen activity.