Brent top for protecting victims of domestic violence

8 August 2016

Brent is now the top borough in the North West of London and second in London as a whole for safeguarding victims of domestic violence.


Domestic Violence Protection Notices (DVPNs) give power to Police to safeguard a victim and their family in the event that they may not be supportive of a prosecution. This is often due to fear of potential repercussions from an abusive partner.


A suspected offender of domestic violence, who is neither charged nor otherwise on bail at the time of release from police custody, is often free to return to the scene of abuse sometimes within hours of arrest. A DVPN prevents this from happening.


Our Community Protection Team have been advocating for the increased use of DVPNs and now Brent is now the top borough in London to convert DVPNs into Domestic Violence Protection Orders (DVPOs) with 22 successful DVPOs granted.


An anonymous Brent resident who got a DVPO granted last week, said:


"I think it is good as it gives the two parties a bit of time to rest. I was not sure at all at the time because I thought it was more likely that it could cause us to separate but it gave us time to sort ourselves out.


"In the meantime, I was able to sort things out with Social Services and my children, without having to worry about him. It gave us some good breathing space."


Cllr Michael Pavey, Brent Council's Cabinet Member for Stronger Communities, said:


"Domestic violence is utterly unacceptable. No woman, child, or man, should ever be a victim of this kind of abuse.


"I'm delighted to see the great work of the Council's Community Protection Team, as well as the Police, paying off.


"We will continue to work extremely hard to tackle the perpetrators of domestic violence and to safeguard its victims."