Brent on the international stage for children’s social work

8 August 2016

Brent's social workers were asked to present at an international conference last month as leaders of good practice.


The International Signs of Safety Conference held in Norwich was an opportunity for professionals from across the world to get together and discuss children's services.


Professionals travelled from across the globe to attend including those from Japan, Cambodia, Australia, USA, Canada, Luxembourg, Belgium, Austria and Sweden.


Signs of Safety is an innovative approach to child protection casework which aims to put the child and family at the centre of the decision-making process.


Brent is on a drive to transform outcomes for children and is continuing to embed Signs of Safety across the service.


Brent's work has been recognised as being of high quality, so much so that social workers from Brent were asked to present at the conference to show others how to foster genuine collaborative relationships amongst families, children and other professionals outside of the Local Authority.


A young person from Brent who has benefitted from the Signs of Safety process, commented:


"I really appreciated my share of involvement in the decision making, as the outcome of this process should be the solution that is best for the child, and I don't think this can be done effectively without the child's voice being heard."


Leader of the Council, Cllr Muhammed Butt, said:


"We never want a young person to feel like they have no say in the decisions being made about their lives. This is why the Signs of Safety approach fits in so well with the way we approach social work; putting the young person's voice at the heart of the decision-making process.



"Being asked to present on this international stage was a testament to the great work that is going on here in Children and Young People's Services.



"Social workers don't always get the reward and recognition for the good work they do. We have a fantastic team of social workers here in Brent dedicated to the children and young people they work with on a daily basis. Our hard work will always continue so that we have the best outcomes for all our young people in Brent."