Noisy neighbour hit with a hefty fine for blasting out loud music in Harlesden

11 August 2016

A noisy neighbour who blasted out music with a bassline that shook the walls from her home in Harlesden has been ordered to pay £1340.


Ms Precious Watson, of Leopold Road in Harlesden, made her neighbours lives a misery by playing loud music with a thumping bass, even after being asked repeatedly by council officers to turn it down.


Ms Watson failed to attend Willesden Magistrates' Court on 2 August for her hearing. In her absence the court heard evidence that on three separate occasions, the music being played in her property was so loud it was preventing her neighbours from sleeping, and she was found guilty of ignoring a Noise Nuisance Abatement Notice.


Cllr Michael Pavey, Cabinet Member for Stronger Communities, said:


"In Brent, we're committed to ensuring that every resident feels safe, happy and relaxed in their homes.


"The vast majority of residents 'Love where they live' and are respectful of their neighbours, including not playing music too loud.


"But there remain a small minority of noisy neighbours whose selfish and thoughtless actions are making people's lives a misery.


"We will not tolerate such behaviour. Noisy neighbours can cause a host of problems, including sleep deprivation, which is unhealthy and can cause issues at home and work."


Martin Wood, Environmental Health Officer, said:


"This tenant had little regard for her neighbours and it is reassuring to see the court recognised the severity of this by imposing a substantial financial punishment.


"We will be sharing the outcome of the Court hearing with Ms Watson's landlord, as evidence of noise nuisance is a sign that she is not living within the terms of her tenancy agreement.


"If you have a noisy neighbour who is playing music at such a level to cause a nuisance, please don't hesitate to report them on 020 8937 5252."