79-year-old Olive named Everyone Active member of the month

7 September 2016

Proving age is just a number, Olive D'Cruz, 79, has been named Everyone Active Regional Member of the Month. Olive visits Vale Farm Sports Centre, operated by Everyone Active in partnership with Brent Council, every day without fail.


Olive was diagnosed with arthritis in 2007 and found herself in a lot of pain, and on heavy medication. Not one to give up Olive upped her attendance at her local leisure centre, Vale Farm Sports Centre, determined to stay active.


"I attend up to nine classes in a normal week including Pilates, Body Pump and Aerobics" says Olive. "I honestly think if I didn't keep myself moving, my arthritis would mean I wouldn't be able to walk or get upstairs."


Olive praises the staff at Vale Farm Sports Centre for keeping her so motivated.


"They are incredibly supportive and always help me with my posture and form. The fact that they give you special attention helps me exercise safely and my arthritis is so much better now. I would like to say a special thank you to my first aerobic teacher, Diane, who without her I wouldn't have been able to start all the other classes I do. A massive thank you to all the staff."


"We were delighted that Olive was awarded the Regional Member of the Month," says Everyone Active General Manager Chris Williams. "She is an inspiration to both members and staff at the centre, and proof that age is most definitely not a barrier to exercise."


Cllr Krupesh Hirani, Cabinet Member for Community Wellbeing said: "Olive is an inspiration. It's great to see that her arthritis did not deter her from keeping active and shows that no matter your age or ability exercise should be built into your daily routine. 'My heart beats for Brent' is a new campaign inspired by the many active residents who already demonstrate a real affection for the facilities; classes; parks; open spaces and clubs in Brent and Olive's experiences are an example of this. For more information about the campaign visit www.brent.gov.uk/heartbeats"


To find out more information about Vale Farm Sports Centre call the centre on 0208 908 6545 or visit www.everyoneactive.com