Remain vigilant: spate of distraction burglaries in Brent

7 September 2016

Please be aware that there have been a series of distraction burglaries in Brent in the last few days.


Suspects have been posing as officials working for the council, and as engineers from utilities companies, as a way of being invited into homes.


While these type of burglaries are rare in Brent, we urge residents to remain vigilant and look out for elderly neighbours who might fall foul of these thieves.


Remember, if you're not sure, don't open the door - and never let an unsolicited caller into your home without a prior appointment. If the caller claims to be from the council or from a utility company, ask to see their identity card and check it carefully. If in any doubt, use a number from a telephone directory or their official website and double check. Genuine callers will not mind waiting or coming back at a later date.


If you are concerned about any suspicious activity in your neighbourhood, please contact 101.