Nomad Cinema comes to Brent - Discounted tickets for residents

15 September 2016

Get your discounted tickets (just £7.50!) to a fabulous screening of Slumdog Millionaire or Pulp Fiction or both on Thursday 29 and Friday 30 September on Olympic Way, Wembley.


The event is run by local Brent team NOMAD CINEMA and all proceeds go to charity.


Don't miss it! Book your tickets here.


Before Nomad pitches up in Wembley we caught up with Brent resident Sally Wilton, Founder of Nomad Cinema, to find out more about the roaming pop-up cinema that gives back.


What is Nomad Cinema?

The Nomad is a roaming pop up cinema bringing the magic of film to communities in beautiful and interesting spaces - outdoor and indoor.

What inspired you to start Nomad and what did you do before?

It all started with The Lexi Cinema in Kensal Rise - our social enterprise community cinema. We wanted to take the Lexi magic on the road so we created The Nomad and with Lewis our camel who carries our equipment (logo) we have been roaming far and wide ever since. This year we are travelling as far as Scotland.


Our mission is to transform lives through film and we do this by bringing film to communities and covenanting 100% of our profits to charity. So our audiences get two slices of happiness - one from coming along and watching the film with friends and creating special memories and secondly by knowing the money goes to transform the lives of kids in South Africa - it doesn't get better than that.


And you're a Brent resident, aren't you?

I am local and I love where I live in Kensal Rise. Kensal Rise is really one vibrant little village with cafes, parks, and of course a fabulous cinema. As a result of The Lexi I know loads of people many of whom volunteer at The Lexi - we recently won an award for our volunteering and they are the bedrock on which we depend. So a walk in the area means lots of chats and hellos - just like any village.


How do you feel about Wembley Park?

Wembley Park is a new "village" in the making - albeit a large one. There is an amazingly rich history to the area and of course the sporting and musical heritage means that most people will have visited Wembley so the new Wembley Park "village" has much to build on. Integrating the richness of the old with the excitement of the new and carefully curating the space in terms of the mix of businesses backed by a high quality soul enriching cultural offering is what will make Wembley Park a really special place to live in and to visit.


I really believe that the arts are what bring spaces to life and what builds community.


Why did you choose Pulp Fiction and Slumdog Millionaire?

For what we hope will grow into an annual film "festival" and one not to be missed, we decided to programme two very different but incredibly colourful and vibrant films. The colour palette in both is particularly rich and the sound tracks memorable - both films are loved and will attract a local and visitor audiences. We expect to see dancing at both!


For more information about Nomad visit