Travellers in Stonebridge moved on

23 September 2016

A group of travellers, who last week broke into the former Unisys buildings in Stonebridge, have been moved on thanks to effective partnership working.


An operation was set up jointly by the Metropolitan Police and officers from Brent Council’s Enviro-Crime and Community Safety teams on Thursday, to remove the travellers from the private land in Stonebridge with immediate effect.


Legal proceedings had been started by the landowners, but due to increasing safety and environmental concerns, it was decided that more immediate action was required to remove the group from the site near the North Circular Road. With support from Veolia, Brent Council’s waste disposal contractor, more than 20 police officers and Council officials were able to move the travellers on within 2 hours, without a major incident.


In the days after the break-in, large amounts of waste were found to have been illegally dumped on the land, which will now be removed by the landowner as a matter of priority. Brent Council’s Enviro-Crime Enforcement team seized a vehicle used for illegally dumping rubbish on the land, and are working with the landowner to investigate these offences.