A fair way to recover taxpayers’ money

27 September 2016


Plans to introduce a fair debt recovery policy were approved by Brent Council's Cabinet two weeks ago.



As a result of continuing budget pressures, recovery of Council debts has become hugely important and the need to focus on this area will only increase as Government grants to local authorities continue to fall significantly. Between 2010-2018, the money the Government gives Brent to provide services will have been cut by around half.



The policy is designed to ensure that the most vulnerable residents are protected but those that refuse to pay are tackled.



Cllr Margaret McLennan, Deputy Leader of Brent Council, said:



"The Council is currently owed millions in unpaid debts which is significant in the context of the substantial and ongoing Government cuts to Council funding and the increasing demand on our services. At the end of the day, this is taxpayers' money and every pound we recover will help to protect the services residents use day in, day out.



"Whilst I'm very pleased that this strategy has been approved, it's crucial for us to introduce it carefully and with thought. We will assess each case individually and make sure that our most vulnerable residents are protected and that everyone is offered the right time and support in order to help them pay off their debt."