Brent Libraries celebrate freedom

27 September 2016

Banned books

This week Brent Libraries are marking Banned Books Week (25 September - 1 October) by promoting books that were once banned, many of the chosen titles are still restricted in some countries. The Libraries are celebrating the freedom we have here in Brent to read these titles and make up our own minds about the sometimes controversial themes within these books.


Some of the titles that have been banned you may find unexpected. Amongst the books containing political themes or sexual and violent content are a few with less obvious controversies.


Classic adventure series Tarzan by Edgar Rice Borroughs was banned in some American Schools because "Tarzan was 'living in sin' with Jane". The fictional autobiography of a horse, Black Beauty by Anna Sewell, was banned in South Africa during apartheid because of the word 'black' in the title. More recently much loved children's series Harry Potter by JK Rowling was banned in parts of the USA after it was deemed to promote witchcraft and 'satanic practice'.


Kilburn Library has some of these banned books on display each one with an information bookmark explaining where, when and why the book was banned. Brent Libraries encourage you to enjoy your reading freedom by borrowing one of these titles during Banned Books Week.