Need support to stop smoking? Look no further

5 October 2016

StoptoberSmokers cough getting you down? Cigarettes getting too expensive? Want to improve your health?

Brent Council's Stop Smoking team could help and when better to quit than during the Stoptober campaign.


The campaign set up by Public Health England encourages smokers to stub out the habit for good as part of the largest mass quit attempt in the country, with research showing you are four times more likely to quit in a 28 day period.


Councillor Krupesh Hirani, Cabinet member for Community Wellbeing, said: "Stopping smoking is one of the heathiest decisions you can make. It make seem difficult at first, but with help and guidance you will soon be able to go 28 days without a cigarette."


With the council's support Alex, 38, from Alperton has been smoke free for eight months. Read his story below.


How long had you been smoking?

21 years - since I was 17.


How many did you smoke a day?

Up to 30.


What was the turning point that made you seek help to quit?

They weren't giving me any pleasure, they were limiting my enjoyment of life and I didn't want to feel 'owned' by a drug anymore.


How was the stop smoking cessation helpful?

It carved up my 'quit' into manageable weekly chunks. Plus the adviser was brilliant in explaining the mechanism of addiction and the reasons behind the symptoms I was experiencing. The NRT helped me defeat the addiction a bit at a time. Without the regular counselling I would surely have lost my faith and have slipped back.


What advice would you give to other people looking to quit?

You must feel you are ready and that there are no reservations about giving up. After that find a service to help you - why make it even harder by trying to do it all by yourself? There are benefits such as saving money but the greatest benefits are the return of confidence, health and peace of mind.


How we can help:

  • Free specialist support for up to 12 weeks

  • Offer free or affordable medication such as nicotine replacement

  • Weekly clinics

For more information, call 020 8937 5490 or email


There are also lots of helpful advice and tips here.