Small grant, big difference: Success for the Bosnia Herzegovina Community Centre

10 October 2016

The Bosnia Herzegovina Community Centre (BHCAC), a local charity established to support older, traumatised and disabled refugees in London, has been awarded a £10,000 grant by Brent Council.


The Brent Council Small Grants Fund is awarded to local organisations to assist with one-off projects, events or activities that will benefit residents in the borough, as a one-off small grant of up to £10,000.


Sadida Trozic, Organisation Manager of BHCAC, spoke of the huge difference applying for the Brent Advice Small Grant made to the organisation. She said:


"Before we applied for the grant, we were on the brink of closing down because we hadn't been able to secure enough financial support. We had applied for funding from the Big Lottery, but this was dependent on us being able to find match funding from somewhere else."


BHCAC was set up in 1997 and works with refugees from the West Balkans and Eastern Europe, many of whom have come to London following extremely difficult and traumatising circumstances in their home countries.


"After talking to an officer at Brent Council, we decided to apply for the Brent Advice Small Grant of £10,000 and were successful in our application", Sadida said.


"It has made the world of difference as we were then able to secure £272,000 for a three year project from The Big Lottery. The future of BHCAC has been secured for now, and we are delighted. It means we can carry on working with those who are vulnerable, isolated and need support, and continue to make a difference in the community."


For more information or for assistance with a future application, please contact CVS Brent on