Young people in Brent to take charge of the Council

16 November 2016


On 18 November, children and young people in Brent will be taking over Brent Council for the day.



The activities are being organised as part of Takeover Challenge 2016 - a national event led by the Children's Commissioner for England which puts children and young people into decision-making roles.



Young people from across Brent will spend the day at the Council and work alongside council officers to solve real challenges Brent faces. On the day, the young people will work alongside the Youth Service to design their upcoming consultation which aims to get the views of young people on what they want their Youth Service in Brent to look like, taking into account the recent cuts and continuing financial pressures.



They will also help Council Officers come up with new ways to improve the academic outcomes of Black Caribbean boys in Brent and make recommendations to the Council's Regeneration Team.



Cllr Wilhelmina Mitchell Murray, Cabinet Member for Children and Young People, said:



"Takeover Challenge is a fantastic day in the calendar because it helps the Council better understand the needs of children and young people in Brent.



"I hope the day will really benefit the young people taking part but I also know that the Council will benefit from the day as well. It would be naïve of us, as a Council, to think that we can solve all of the issues our children and young people face in Brent alone, without listening to our young people and acting on their views.



"Members of Brent Youth Parliament sit on our regular Scrutiny Committees but Takeover Challenge will be a great opportunity for us to spend the whole day with young people across Brent and gain new ideas, fresh insight and creativity which will help Brent solve some of the challenges it faces."



To find out more about the Children's Commissioner's Takeover Challenge, please visit: