Pet foster carers needed

13 December 2016

Mocha was sold outside Kilburn train station to a young couple but when the poor Border Collie fell ill they were unable to afford the vet bills and the 11-week-old puppy ended up at the Mayhew Animal House in Kensal Green.

 Mocha the dog

The animal charity has been saving the likes of cuddly Mocha for an astonishing 130 years in Trenmar Gardens and the tremendous job that they are doing there will make you think twice about gifting a puppy or kitten to a loved one for Christmas.


Zoe Edwards, the animal welfare manager, forms part of the team that has rehoused 70 dogs and 234 cats this year, which is just a fraction of the work they do for the welfare of animals.


"There is a constant flow of cats and dogs into the centre throughout the year. It is usually after six months when the puppies have lost their cute factor that they are brought in. A puppy is a 24/7 job and requires a lot of work, just like a child would," said the mother-of-one.


"Even if we had bigger facilities, the kennels and cat cabins would simply fill up. We need more foster carers to help us with the number of pets coming through the door. These carers are crucial and even more critical is the need for people to truly understand what it takes to have a pet."


Zoe has been making the 60-mile round trip to Kensal Green every day for the past nine years but it is her love for the work they are doing at the Mayhew which energises her.


"Chris Evans on BBC Radio 2 keeps me going in the morning on the way to work. Some people say I must be crazy but it is my love for the job which makes it all worthwhile. We get to the root of the welfare issue which is why we are different from many of the other animal homes around. I love the work that I am doing here and it would not be possible without the great team that we have here," added the 40-year-old.


The Mayhew are always looking to find a good home for their cats and dogs as well as little Mocha. For more information, visit