I’ve married 5000 people

13 December 2016

After nearly 30 years working in Brent's Register Office, Mark Rimmer has heard his fair share of "I do's"


Mark Rimmer

As a registrar, I do several weddings each week, which over three decades means that I've married more than 5,000 people," says Mark. "So much 


has changed since the late 1980's when I joined. In the time I have been here we have seen the arrival of civil partnerships, same-sex weddings, citizenship ceremonies and marriages at venues other than the register office or place of worship."


After twenty-nine years at Brent, this December will see Mark conduct his last wedding as he begins retired life.


"It will be strange. I will miss the team but I will also miss meeting Brent residents every day. Looking back over my time here, Brent's hosting of the first citizenship ceremony in the UK which was attended by Prince Charles was definitely a highlight, as was picking up an OBE for running a registration service that was an example for other councils to follow. And of course, it was through work that I met my wife Alison who is also a registrar, quite well known for marrying Paul McCartney. To Nancy Shevell I might add!


"There'll be no winding down between now and then though, Brent is very popular for weddings and so we'll be busy. We offer an impressive, state-of-the-art modern venue that can cater for wedding ceremonies and receptions large and small.


"I've loved being a registrar at Brent. People come to you at life-changing moments, be it registering the birth of a child or the death of a loved one, getting married or becoming a British citizen.


These are life-changing events and you are there with them, sharing these important moments. It has truly been a privilege to serve the residents of this borough."


To find out more about tying the knot in Brent visit: www.brent.gov.uk