Brent Outreach helping rough sleepers

22 December 2016

There's a sharp increase in the number of people sleeping rough, so Brent Council has commissioned St Mungo's to deliver an outreach service to work with the street homeless.


Anyone can become homeless, and sleeping rough can be dangerous and can damage your health.


To support these members of our community, St Mungo's has been commissioned by Brent Council to deliver a street outreach service called Brent Outreach.


The longer someone sleeps rough, the greater the risk that they will become trapped on the streets and become vulnerable to being a victim of crime, developing drug or alcohol problems, or developing health problems.


The number of people sleeping rough has risen dramatically across the capital with 55 rough sleepers recorded in Brent alone last year - up from just three in 2010.


Not all people sleeping rough are aware that advice and support is available to them.


If you are concerned about someone sleeping rough in Brent, you can help. Download the app for Android or Apple, or contact them at and provide details about where you saw them sleeping.


StreetLink volunteers then pass those details on to the St Mungo's Outreach staff in Brent who follow up, find the person and help support them off the streets and into housing, health or other services.