Tackling social isolation in Brent

19 January 2017

Bill* is 80 years old and was referred to Social Isolation Brent Inititive (SIBI) by a councillor due to his feelings of isolation and suicidal thoughts. Bill was an only child and has no children. Over the years it seems like Bill has suffered exploitation and has lost significant amounts of money and assets due to unscrupulous people taking advantage of his good nature. His eyesight is weak due to glaucoma and he would not leave his home.


A befriender from the SIBI project started to made regular contact and he has shown significant improvement and no longer feels isolated due to having regular contact and being connected online. Although he is quite frail Bill started to walk short distances near his home and this has had a significant impact on his wellbeing. By his own admission during the three month review, he no longer goes to his GP as often as he used to.


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*Name has been changed to protect the client's confidentiality