Plan to fill more potholes given go-ahead

25 July 2017

More potholes will be repaired across the borough following Cabinet decision last night to allocate £80k of its highways budget to using new, faster methods for repairing pot holes.


Brent Council's Cabinet met last night to consider a report which recommended changes to its highways contract. This will see Brent bring the inspection of repairs in house and fix some defects using new methods.


Following its approval, £80,000 will be set aside to use an innovative patching-method known as 'Jet blasting". Rather than following the traditional method of cutting into the road around a pothole, removing broken debris and installing a rectangular patch in the road, a purpose-built road repair lorry jet-blasts debris out of the pothole, before new asphalt is blown into the hole until filled and sealed.


Each pothole repaired in this way is estimated to cost less than half of that of a traditional repair, freeing up much-constrained highways budgets to fix more street defects.


The jet-blasting patching method also repairs potholes much more quickly, with it estimated that up to ten times as many holes could be repaired in the same period, compared with using the traditional method.


Inspections of highways will also be brought back in-house to give the council more flexibility in how quickly street defects are repaired and how repairs are organised. For example, minor pot holes near to larger pot holes could be repaired at the same time to prevent them degrading further.


Cllr Eleanor Southwood, Brent Council's Cabinet Member for the Environment, said:


"It's no secret that as well as creating huge gaping holes in public sector budgets everywhere this decade, cuts from central government have also hit the state of our roads hard too.


"While we won't have the money to get the roads pothole-free as we'd like anytime soon, we are excited by this innovative method which I hope will deliver more and quicker repairs, leading to improved roads in the borough and fewer accidents and injuries, so that Brent is a more accessible borough for everyone."