Young people should speak out for their LGBT peers

20 October 2017

A young person in Brent has been chosen to represent London in the House of Commons next month.


Jai Patel was chosen in an extremely competitive process to be London's voice in an event which will mark the 50th anniversary of the decriminalisation of homosexuality in the UK.


He will give a speech in the House of Commons and then have afternoon tea with the Speaker of the House of Lords - Lord Fowler.


Jai, who is heterosexual, will concentrate on the importance of young people supporting LGBT rights regardless of their own sexual orientation.


Jai said:

"The fight for LGBT rights is not one for the LGBT community to fight alone. We should all pull our weight in pushing for equality and this is what I am going to outline in the House of Commons next month.


"Equality is something all young people should care about and so supporting our LGBT peers is something we should all be doing.


"One day I hope that we will live in a world where it is no longer necessary for people to 'come out'. Everyone should be accepted for who they are and be free to love whoever they want without fear."