Rude awakening for noisy neighbour

18 January 2018

A musician who kept his neighbours awake at night and ignored a noise nuisance notice has been ordered to pay more than £1,300 to a court.


Andrew Oury, of Hanover Road in Brondesbury Park, played loud music despite repeated warnings from Brent Council to stop because the noise was causing a disturbance. Officers attended the home of a nearby resident in November 2017 and heard that noise from Mr Oury's live music was so intrusive that it was preventing the neighbour from sleeping.


Mr Oury was issued with a noise abatement notice in May 2015 for causing noise nuisance and received numerous reminders and warnings following that. He was ordered to pay a fine of £660, costs of £660 and a victim surcharge of £66 at Willesden Magistrates Court on 9 January 2018.


Cllr Tom Miller, Lead Member for Stronger Communities, said: "We tried to resolve this case informally before serving a noise abatement notice and we continued to communicate with Mr Oury after receiving further complaints about his loud music. But Mr Oury chose to ignore our warnings and ended up in court with a costly fine. Noise disturbance leads to disruption and friction in our neighbourhoods. We take anti-social complaints from residents seriously. Residents have the right to live peacefully in our borough."