Aiming for all smiles in Brent

13 February 2018

LED display sign showint drivers speed

A series of creative speed signs have been installed on busy roads across Brent, in a bid to curb speeding and make roads safer.


The LED display signs, which have proven effective in areas across the UK, detect drivers' speeds and respond with a smiley face for recommended speed, or a sad face if drivers exceed speed limits.


Reducing the risk of accidents, 34 signs have been installed so far, with installation work carried out at night to eliminate any impact on traffic flow.


Cllr Eleanor Southwood, Cabinet Member for Environment said:


"Excessive speeding is high on the list of common causes of road accidents. The anti-social and dangerous driving that takes place in the borough is shocking. I'm sure no driver sets out to hurt anyone but speeding increases the risks to everyone on the road.


"When it comes to driving safely, keeping an eye on your speed can make all the difference and these signs help all drivers do just that."


The signs encourage road users to drive at sensible speeds, acknowledging good driving practice and encouraging improvement where speeding is a risk.