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16 March 2018

Since its launch, the Love Where You Live campaign has been going from strength to strength. Local people have been demonstrating their enthusiasm to improve our neighbourhoods in Brent.


But there is still more to do, and this year the focus is on tackling illegal rubbish dumping with the introduction of five new neighbourhood managers - Dennis Lewis, Tony Martin, Ashley Cumberbatch, Phil Stagles and Shirley Holmes (pictured).


"I've lived in Brent my entire life," says Neighbourhood Manager, Shirley, 55. "I've brought my children up here and I'm proud to live in such a diverse place. I also recognise that there are things we really need to mend. Listening and responding to local environmental needs, concerns and ideas for improvement is my priority." Shirley told us.


"Our residents, councillors and businesses care very much about our environment and so do I, which is why I believe that we all have a big part to play in making our streets and parks cleaner and brighter."


Neighbourhood managers have been brought in to work with local residents and businesses to identify and resolve local issues, particularly illegal rubbish dumping.


"There's no them and us, we all need to tackle these issues together", Shirley continued. "I'm not saying it's going to be easy, but being a Brent resident myself I know that we're experts by experience - we know the environment in the places we live, work or trade and we have a lot of value to add."


Councillor Eleanor Southwood, Lead Member for Environment, added: "We're as frustrated as residents are with the selfish minority who blight our streets and parks with rubbish, which is why we all need to pull together to tackle this.


"We'll continue to come down hard on those who illegally dump their rubbish and make it easier for those who want to do the right thing. As well as using the Cleaner Brent app, encourage your friends and neighbours to get rid of their waste properly. Let us know if you see anything suspicious by speaking to your local Neighbourhood Manager."


Your Shout:


"Working with our newly appointed neighbourhood manager has been a totally positive experience. For our residents' association to now have a dedicated person to liaise with - who will not only address our problems but also find solutions - is just what we needed. We feel encouraged and confident that joint working like this going forward will make all the difference in our area." Braemar Avenue Residents' Association, Neasden


Meet your Neighbourhood Managers:


  • Shirley Holmes Barnhill, Fryent, Kenton, Queensbury
  • Ashley Cumberbatch Harlesden, Kensal Green, Stonebridge
  • Phil Stagles Dollis Hill, Dudden Hill, Welsh Harp, Willesden Green
  • Tony Martin Alperton, Northwick Park, Preston, Sudbury, Tokyngton, Wembley Central
  • Dennis Lewis Brondesbury Park, Kilburn, Mapesbury, Queens Park



Five easy ways you can help make Brent cleaner and greener


1. Report illegally dumped rubbish on the Cleaner Brent app. Download the app at www.brent.gov.uk/cleanerbrent

2. Organise a community clean-up. Visit www.brent.gov.uk/cleanup or contact us to arrange or to take part in a clean-up in your area

3. Recycle your waste. Find out more by downloading Recycleopedia, our smartphone app, or by visiting www.brent.gov.uk/recycleopedia

4. Put your bins out on time. If you're unsure of your bin collection times, visit www. brent.gov.uk/recycling  and enter your postcode into 'Find Your Collection Day'.

5. Apply for a Love Where You Live grant to brighten up your neighbourhood and bring your community together. Find out more at www.brent.gov.uk/lovewhereyoulive


Tell us what you love!

A new and improved version of the Cleaner Brent app will be available later this month and has a 'Love It' button! Snap away and send photos of places you love in Brent. Why not also share the love on social media, using the hashtag #LoveBrent. Download the updated version at www.brent.gov.uk/cleanerbrent