Brent’s housing enforcement team star in TV swoop on rogue landlords

9 May 2018

Brent enforcement officers

TV viewers got to see what Brent's licensing enforcement team is up against in the Council's continued crackdown on rogue landlords.


A crew filming for the Channel 5 series, Bad Tenants, Rogue Landlords, shadowed officers out on a dawn raid in Winchester Avenue, Kingsbury, and found 35 men crammed inside a converted three-bedroom semi.


The episode, which aired at 8pm on 3 May 2018, showed how the enforcement team was able to track down the elusive culprits and hold them to account in court where they were slapped with more than £20,000 in fines.


Spencer Randolph, Head of Private Housing Services, said: "The programme sends a clear message to any landlord, estate agency or illegal subletter who thinks that they can get away with ripping off tenants in an unlicensed property - they won't get away with it. We will find them and take them to court if they refuse to cooperate with us."


Brent Council has extended selective licensing to all privately rented properties in Dudden Hill, Kensal Green, Kilburn, Mapesbury and Queen's Park from 1 June 2018 when the fee will be £540.

Landlords and agents will be able to make early selective licence applications from 1 May 2018 to benefit from the existing £340 fee.


HMO property licence application fees will go up to £840 from 1 June 2018.


If you are a Brent landlord who lets out shared accommodation, you can apply for a licence online at


If you suspect that someone is renting out an unlicensed property in Brent, please report them anonymously at