Brent Fostering Bus Tour

14 May 2018

A double decker fostering bus will be on tour around the borough as part of a campaign to promote fostering in Brent.


Foster Care Fortnight, which runs until May 27, highlights the role fostering plays in transforming the lives of children and young people in care and encourages more people to be foster carers.


The bus will be stopping at the following locations to offer information and advice about fostering:


  • ASDA Wembley

  • Tesco Brent Park

  • Sainsbury's Ladbroke Grove

  • Willesden Sports Centre


There will be additional pop up stalls throughout the fortnight for anyone who misses out on the bus:


  • Brent Civic Centre on Monday 14 May, 11am - 2pm

  • Central Middlesex Hospital on Thursday 24 May, 11am - 3pm

  • Willesden Library on Friday 25 May, 2 - 5pm

  • A special information evening at Brent Civic Centre on Thursday 17 May, from 5.45pm


Onder Beter, Head of Service for Looked After Children and Permanency said:


"Foster Care Fortnight is one of the times in the year when the national spotlight is on foster carers. We want to use this opportunity to promote the many benefits of fostering in Brent, including the training, development, support and financial assistance we provide to all of our foster carers.


There is a national shortage of foster carers and nearly 64,000 children in care across the UK. In Brent alone, we have over 300 children and young people in care. Children come into care for many different reasons, but all need security, stability and loving homes where they can thrive. As a foster carer, you would be providing this at a time when these children are at their most vulnerable.


Please get in touch now if you think you can make a difference."


For information about fostering in Brent, or to register for any of our events, call 020 8937 4538, email or visit our webpages at


You can also follow us on Facebook or twitter @brentfostering