Raid uncovers 16 people living in a two-bedroom flat in Kingsbury

1 June 2018

A dawn raid in Kingsbury uncovered sixteen people crammed into a two bedroom flat above a shop.


Enforcement officers entered the property in Kingsbury Road with police and found that the tenants exceeded three times the number of people who would be permitted to live there under licensing rules.


Mattresses, bunkbeds and sofa beds had been packed together in the two bedrooms and living room space within the poorly ventilated flat. Fire escapes had been blocked while a smoke alarm was found hanging off the ceiling during the raid on 24 May.


One occupant told enforcement officers that he was paying £50 a week for a bed space. If each of the 16 tenants paid the same amount, the landlord may have been pocketing around £3,200 a month from housing the occupants in substandard living conditions.


Cllr Eleanor Southwood, cabinet member for Housing and Welfare Reform, said: "Housing tenants in unsafe conditions is against the law. "Housing tenants in unsafe conditions is against the law. Rogue landlords exploiting their tenants by forcing them to live in Dickensian conditions should be on notice - we will take the strongest possible enforcement action to protect our residents."


If you are a Brent landlord who lets out shared accommodation, you can apply for a licence online at


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