Raid on rogue landlords broadcast to over a million TV viewers

3 August 2018

TV viewers watched Brent Council enforcement officers in action on a raid on an overcrowded and unlicensed HMO last night.


The raid was captured on camera by a crew filming for the Channel 5 series, Bad Tenants, Rogue Landlords.


Police and officers entered a two bedroom flat above a shop during a dawn raid in Kingsbury and uncovered sixteen people crammed inside.


Mattresses, bunkbeds and sofa beds had been packed together in the two bedrooms and living room space within the poorly ventilated flat. Fire escapes had been blocked while a smoke alarm was found hanging off the ceiling.


Cllr Eleanor Southwood, Cabinet Member for Housing and Welfare Reform, said: "This televised raid has enabled people to see the shocking conditions that the tenants were paying to live in. It is totally unacceptable for tenants in Brent to be exploited in this way. Every renter has the right to a decent standard of living."


Brent Council has a zero tolerance policy towards rogue landlords and continues to take legal action against landlords, agencies and subletters who break the laws around licensing and housing regulations.


You can watch the episode again here (S1 E13 | Episode 11).


If you are a Brent landlord who lets out shared accommodation, you can apply for a licence online at


If you suspect that someone is renting out an unlicensed property in Brent, please report them anonymously at