Support for a plastic free Wembley grows

3 December 2018

Over 30 businesses have signed up to use Poly Lactic Acid (PLA) cups and Vegetable Starch refuse sacks and alternative items in their stores and pubs. 

The head office of SEEWOO UK, an Oriental food supplier, was the latest to support the Plastic Free Wembley movement. They now stand alongside Best Foods, Fruity Fresh, Ganapathy, Al Pasha, Wembley Tavern, Double 6 Sports Bar, Blue Check and Daniels Estate Agents and others who have trialled and enjoyed the items.

Stanley Tse, Chairman of SeeWoo UK, who also run an anti-food waste campaign, said: "I know what it's like to be hungry, I grew up in the New Territories in Hong Kong and my family were very poor. My mother, a widow, struggled to bring my brothers and I up on her own. We were lucky to always have a roof over our heads and food on the table, we never wasted anything. It's terrible that there's so much waste nowadays, there would not have been the same level of waste decades ago whether in Hong Kong when I grew up or in the UK.' 

The Plastic Free Wembley project is run in partnership with Wembley Traders Association and in Your Face Advertising and Brent Council. It will soon add certified biodegradable and compostable non-woven bag into the mix. In the last two months the pilot has diverted 26.5 tonnes of plastics away from landfill and general waste.

Wembley Central and Alperton Residents Association (WCARA) are backing the campaign. Chirag, Chair of WCARA said: "Whilst the challenge may seem daunting, there are some really simple ways to cut down on plastic. If we all do our little bit then we have achieved much. It is important to remember that this is a challenge, not a competition, we simply can't pretend it's not happening or that someone else will sort out the issue".

Cllr Krupa Sheth, Lead Member for Environment, said: "This is a new approach that could help us reduce plastic waste greatly in this lively area and we are hoping to get the full support of all the Wembley business community and our residents."

Cllr Shama Tatler, Cabinet Member for Regeneration, Highways and Planning, said: "Wembley is a lively area with many consumers enjoying its array of cafes, restaurants and shops. So it's really important that we work with local businesses to promote the benefits of this scheme, both to the environment and to their bottom line. We look forward to more Wembley businesses coming on board with this project to reduce the amount of plastic that they are using."

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