Brent leads London with £850,000 street light savings

7 February 2019

The installation of 21,000 LED street lights in Brent will save £850,000 a year, the highest saving achieved in any of London's 32 boroughs. The new LED street lights were installed across Brent during a 12 month investment programme, finishing this month, which will:

• save £850,000 a year in reduced energy and maintenance costs

• reduce carbon emissions by 62% a year (from 4,800 to 1,800 tonnes a year).

The new street lights are more clearly focused on brightening pavements and roads, with a natural white light to improve road safety and visibility for residents and visitors. The new LED lights have been installed thanks to a collaborative approach between Brent Council and its partners: Bouygues Energy Services, DW Windsor, PFIL, Design for Lighting and Salix. This follows the successful completion in November 2018 of a 20 year investment programme, which has seen all of Brent's lighting columns brought up to modern standards

Cllr Krupa Sheth, Brent's Cabinet Member for the Environment said: "By 2030 we will have saved over £9million by installing 21,000 LED street lights in Brent, more than any other London borough. Our street lighting programme is an important part of our work to make Brent safer, cleaner and greener.'

'By 2020 the money we receive directly from Government will have been cut by 79%, so the £850,000 savings we have made from our new street lights will enable us to protect spending on services for our residents. I thank Salix, DW Windsor, Bouygues, PFIL and Design for Lighting for their hard work in making a brilliant success of this investment. I would also urge residents to consider using LED bulbs to light their own homes to save money and protect our environment."


Comments from our partners 

Terry Dean, DW Windsor Group CEO said:

“As a local supplier based in Hertfordshire – just 25 miles from the LB of Brent, we share a passion for safer, cleaner and greener neighbourhoods. We are proud to have delivered an energy focused solution: our Kirium Pro streetlighting with urbancontrol (an advanced Central Management Solution). 
‘We were pleased to have helped the council in its mission to protect residents spend on services – delivering an almost immediate payback through a significant reduction in both energy consumption and carbon. And for residents; we’re pleased to have improved the quality of light within the borough.”

Tim Grier, Executive Director at Bouygues Energies & Services said;

“As part of a 20 year partnership, Bouygues Energies & Services were delighted to collaborate with Brent on this LED upgrade project which dramatically improves the street environment in the Borough, saving energy and reducing maintenance costs”

Ashley West, Chairman PFIL said;

“PFIL Limited has been proud to have been associated with the London Borough of Brent during the Street Lighting PFI Contract over the last 20 years which has provided the much needed capital investment to replace its ageing and dilapidated street lighting installations with modern, state of the art street lights to an exacting BS EN Road Lighting Standard.
Through its operational partner, Bouygues Energies & Services Limited (BYES), PFIL has replaced 20,000 street lights in Brent during the life of the Contract thereby achieving modern standards that will last the test of time, for at least another 20 years.”