Improving the private rented sector: Should Brent extend private rented property licensing?

3 October 2016

Ariel view of Brent


Since we introduced our selective licensing scheme for all private rental properties in Harlesden, Willesden Green and Wembley Central and licensing of all HMOs in Brent at the beginning of 2015, we’ve made great strides in tackling rogue landlords and helping good landlords by creating a level playing field.

There is evidence that poorly-managed privately rented properties are having a negative impact on some neighbourhoods. Anti-social behaviour (ASB), nuisance neighbours and accumulations of rubbish can be linked to the failure of private landlords to effectively manage their properties and tenancies. Poor housing and levels of deprivation, migration and crime are also features of the private rented sector on the back of the huge demand for housing in the Borough.

The results of our consultation on proposals to extend licensing to all or more parts of the borough which took place from September to December 2016 are now available. We received more than 1200 responses so thank you if you took part and a report will now go to Brent’s Cabinet Meeting later in the Spring.