Budget update from the Deputy Leader

7 September 2018

Cllr McLennanEight years of austerity have put local councils like Brent under enormous financial pressure. We’ve seen our funding slashed, and have been forced to make cut after cut to the services that residents depend on and value. We’re now heading into a ninth year and, regrettably, are faced with some of the toughest ‘choices’ yet.

A big part of setting a budget involves talking to the people who live and work in this borough about their views on a range of proposals. We’ll be starting this conversation in October – view more information about this.

In the meantime, we’d like you to have a go on this budget simulator, which gives a good idea of what needs to be done to balance the books. As you’ll see, while the tool itself is quite simple, the decisions are not. Please give it a try – we want to know what you’d do.

Have a go on the budget simulator

You can leave comments within the simulator or if you have any general comments please email consultation@brent.gov.uk

Thank you

Cllr Margaret McLennan

Cllr McLennan signature

Deputy Leader of Brent Council