Council commits to 8-point plan to boost affordable workspace in Brent

30 September 2020

An 8-point plan to boost affordable workspace in Brent will be rolled-out after it received the backing of Brent’s cabinet earlier this month.

Brent Council’s Affordable Workplace Strategy aims to bring more diversity to Brent’s town centres while addressing some of the challenges that small start-up businesses have in securing local employment space.

Taking into account local needs, supply and demand for affordable workspace, the new strategy builds upon the council’s efforts to secure affordable workspaces in new developments and regeneration projects such as Wembley Park and Alperton.

Under the 8-point action plan, the Council will:

  1.        Recruit more affordable workspace operators to come to Brent
  2.        Create a business rate relief scheme for affordable workspace operators
  3.        Create new affordable workspace projects in vacant and hard-to-let properties
  4.        Encourage use of council properties and new developments for affordable workspace
  5.        Ensure as much affordable workspace as possible is included in new mixed-use developments
  6.        Include affordable workspace as a specific consideration in new planning applications
  7.        Plan the spending of S106 contributions toward affordable workspace
  8.        Launch a Brent finance and grant scheme for affordable workspace operators

Cllr Shama Tatler, Brent Council’s Cabinet Member for Regeneration, Property and Planning said:

“Small businesses and start-ups are often the first to feel the brunt of any economic shock or downturn and they face some unprecedented challenges in overcoming the impact of Covid-19 and the UK leaving the European Union.

“Such businesses provide employment opportunities for our residents and are key to local economic growth and so it has never been more important for them to have access to affordable workspace as they recover, or as new start-ups enter the market.

“I’m confident that this new strategy will go a long way to help increase both the quantity and quality of affordable workspace which is so vitally needed.”

Find more information on affordable workspaces and read the strategy.