Sons and Daughters of Foster Carers Month

28 September 2020

October is Sons and Daughters Month. We are joining this Fostering Network initiative to recognise and thank the children of our carers for their outstanding contribution to fostering.

Looking after children in foster care involves everyone in the household, and our carers' families play an important part in welcoming and making the foster children feel at home. To show our appreciation, we will be sending out certificates of appreciation to Brent sons and daughters of all ages.

The Fostering Network is also organising a fancy dress competition to mark the occasion. This year’s theme is #fostermagic to shine a light on the magical moments the young people involved in fostering have experienced. TFN is looking for fancy dress ideas that represent a favourite moment, event or aspect of fostering.

Until we kick start this campaign, we invite you to discover the impressive story of one of our youngest carers, Muriam. Muriam is the daughter of an ex- Brent fostering couple. In 2017 she officially became a foster parent together with her husband, Waseem. Muriam and Waseem have two daughter who, like their mum, will be growing up in a loving fostering household. Discover how Muriam and Waseem have been changing lives through fostering by watching their interview below.