Business resilience

Do you own or are you responsible for a business or charity? Have you considered how emergencies could affect you?

How would your organisation manage the loss of:

  • a large number of your staff
  • your premises
  • utilities (electricity, water, gas, phones) to either the wider area or just your building
  • IT
  • a key supplier?

There are 5 simple steps that can be taken to reduce the impact of any of the above and improve the resilience of your business.

Download and complete the Protect Your Business template to get you started.

Step 1 - Identify the potential risks to your business

If you answer "no" or "I don’t know" to any of the questions in the 10 minute assessment, it could be a risk to your business.

Step 2 - Plan for the most likely risks

Pages 3 to 5 of the Protect Your Business document may help you prepare for some of the most common risks that business’ face.

Step 3 - Document key contacts

Using the Protect Your Business template you have already downloaded, ensure you record your key contacts so you can reach them in an emergency. Don’t forget your employees contact details.

Step 4 - Check that you are fully insured and that all documentation is stored safely

The Association of British Insurers offers downloadable guidance about mandatory and voluntary insurance for small business.

Step 5 - Contact your local council and register with business networks

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