What to do in an emergency

For most emergencies, the advice from the emergency services is most likely to be go inside, stay inside and tune in to the local radio.

During an emergency we along with the police will utilise local radio stations to broadcast emergency warnings and information.

We use this method as radio is incredibly reliable and can still be broadcast and received during power outages.

In most incidents, the safest place to be is indoors with the windows and doors securely closed.

Unless instructed by the emergency services just follow these simple steps

Go in

  1. Close all windows, outside doors and shut down ventilation systems.
  2. If you are away from home go into a close shop or other public building.

Stay in

  1. Extinguish any naked flames.
  2. Remain inside and await further instruction.
  3. If you have missing pets do not go out to find them.
  4. The police, us and education establishments will ensure that children attending school are safe and looked after.
  5. Only dial 999 but only if there is a risk to life or limb.

Tune in

Tune into local television or radio stations or look at local news websites and follow any instructions given to you.

Local Brent radio stations

If you are asked to evacuate your home remember to do the following things

Turn off electricity, gas and water supplies, unplug appliances and lock all doors and windows.

Refer to preparing for emergencies for list of items to take with you.

If you have one take your grab-bag.

If you leave by car, take bottled water and blankets, and tune in to local radio for emergency advice and instructions.

When you are told that it is safe to return home, open windows to provide fresh air before reconnecting gas, electricity and water supplies.