Creative Performance Ltd Free Workshops in Drama, Gymnastics, Boxercise, Mime and Games

Each Saturday morning, we run varied and exciting activities in our workshops. At the end of the term, our children produces a showcase and fun day when all families, friends and members of the community are welcomed. Below are samples of two of our programs:

Exercise programs 

Our exercise programs ranges from:

  • games
  • acrobats
  • gymnastics
  • boxercise
  • yoga poses.

The programs are designed to increase the children’s flexibility, build trust, and improve their group work. These exercises also teaches children to understand their bodies and appreciate the many ways they can exercise to stay healthy.

Art and crafts programs 

Our get messy mornings are carried out in a relaxed atmosphere. It develops children’s concentration and creativity. They design posters, plant pots, decorate balloons, make masks and personalised cards for relatives. This year they will continue their creative journey, using lots of surprising objects.

Bring your young ones along to join in the fun!