Junior Java Developer Workshops

On Sundays, 9.30am to 4.30pm, The Concord Cafe Carlton Centre Carlton Vale Queens Park
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This is a free course made up of 35 hours training, with the goal to to land a position as a junior Java developer but you are not required to have that goal to attend, the only requirement is that you have been exposed to some programming before.

Program: Day 1 (Introduction): Why Java Advantages How is the market Parts of a Java program First program Java language JVM Java syntax: comments, identifiers, keywords, packages Statements, blocks Variables, constants Primitive types, Strings Operators Libraries, standard inputsoutputs Conditional statements: if, ifelse, switch Loops Methods Naming conventions Using the Javadoc

Day 2 (Object Oriented Programming 1): Arrays (not part of OOP) Classes: access modifiers, fields, methods Objects and References Interfaces Inheritance this and super Abstract classes, overriding methods Encapsulation vs Inheritance

Day 3 (Object Oriented Programming 2extras): Polymorphism Generics Exceptions Annotations Querying databases

Day 4: Files and Streams Collections Framework! (List, ArrayList, LinkedList, HashMap, Set, SortedMap) Threads Lambda Expressions

Day 5: Revision Working interview Questions