Web Design, Real Leather Works & TShirt Design at South Kilburn Studios

6 June 2017 to 26 September 2017, on Tuesdays, 6pm to 8pm, 2A Canterbury Rd, Kilburn, London NW6 5SW

Limitless Training offers educational and training programmes for young people aged 16 to 25.

The individuals and groups we work with gain opportunities to develop skills through the arts, creative industries, business and community learning.

Through our work we enable participants to develop skills and knowledge that will enable them to move into further educational initiatives, work within a professional working environment and or function effectively with their milieu.

Through our projects young people are supported with such skills as reading, writing, research techniques and practical activities One of the ways Limitless Training UK are able to do this is through accreditation based qualifications such as the Arts Award Our in-house training programs offer a broader range of opportunities for young people to develop their skills attain knowledge and work towards career prospects whilst working alongside industry professionals.

Participants gain the opportunity to do this through a series of seminars, workshops, through training and by pursuing their own projects Limitless Training UK also provide platforms that young people can use to promote their work.