Wonderful flying machines: Images of Kingsbury and its former aircraft glory

23 June 2017 at 10am to 29 November 2017 at 5pm, Kingsbury Library, 522 524 Kingsbury Road, London NW9 9HE

The aeroplane, ‘the greatest form of world transport’, had its origins in areas like Kingsbury and Hendon, before and after World War I (1914 - 18).

A former councillor for the Kingsbury (Fryent) area and now historian, Dr James Moher, has put together many images from that era with a supporting commentary.

This display zones in on the Kingsbury area Dr Moher shows that the people who came to work from all over north London at Kingsbury at the Aircraft Manufacturing Company (AirCo), played a major part in Britain’s First World War effort.

As the de Havilland Aircraft Company at Stag Lane, it also became one of the centres of civilian aircraft after that war Chengchun Feng, a masters student from the Museum Studies programme at University College London, chose relevant artefacts from Brent Museum and Archives’ collections and curated the display.

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